Dear Clients and Friends

On March 12 we had one confirmed case of Covid-19 in the state of Maine, as of today, the count is up to 303. Based on Governor Mills’ directive to close down all non-essential services, and school closings, our only decision is to remain closed until further notice to continue slowing the spread of this epidemic and to self-contain.

Some clients have asked whether we are considered essential health care providers, and we’ve struggled with that question. On the one hand, we believe that our services are essential to the well-being of our clients, and our inclination is to offer greater help during this time. On the other hand, because acupuncture isn’t routinely practiced as an emergency medicine, we are not trained in triage and lack both medical grade protective equipment and decontamination tools. There are hard choices to be made when weighing these realities, but ultimately we want to do what’s best for public health.

We are regretful and sad about closing our business, but believe it is the safest and best choice for our staff, all of you, and the community at large. We are committed to doing our part in flattening the curve. We hope you are all maintaining health during these unpredictable times. WE ARE HERE FOR YOU.  Feel free to call the office if you would like to contact your provider with questions, concerns, or just to talk!  We are also continuing with curbside pickups of supplements and direct mail.  Keep in mind that our office staff is working limited hours and are not in the office everyday, but they will back to you within 24/48 hours.

We miss you all and would love to hear your voices. We are here to offer emotional support, advice to boost and support your immune systems, and answer questions about any of your health concerns. 

With love,

Rocky Coast Family Acupuncture

Phone Check-Ins + Herbal Consults

As a way to continue your care during this pandemic, we’re available for phone check-ins and herbal consultations for new and existing patients. Whether you’re needing some emotional support and help managing stress, or wanting to use Chinese Herbs to boost your immunity, we have information we want to share with you! Topics we could cover include:

  • wellness and immune boosting prevention, supplements and herbs
  • information about food and diet to boost immunity
  • emotional support from your provider
  • techniques for relaxation, sleep and managing stress and anxiety

Your nervous system and immune system are directly related. Please pay attention to your mental health during this time!

Call the office at (207) 775-2059 to schedule a time with your provider. Sessions last 20-30 minutes and cost $45.

Chinese Herbs + Supplements

We encourage you to continue with your regular Chinese Herbs and supplements by ordering online directly from Wellevate or Standard Process (USE CODE: 62X7QB). If we have something in stock at the clinic, you can call and arrange for a curbside pickup or shipment.

If you’re curious what herbs we recommend taking right now to boost immunity and to manage stress and anxiety, we encourage you to give us a call.

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Gift Cards & Online Shop

One of the most generous ways you can support us right now is by purchasing gift certificates or paying ahead for upcoming visits or copays and have a credit on your account. You can do this by calling the office (775-2059) or filling out our Gift Certificate form.

Or you can skip directly to our online supplement store powered by Wellevate. You will receive free shipping on all purchases over $49! First time? Create an Account

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Community Acupuncture

Every Tuesday night from 6 – 8PM at Good Medicine Collective 231 York Street in Portland, Maine.

You never need a reason to get acupuncture – maybe you just need an uninterrupted hour to unplug and relax.

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Boost Your Fertility Odds

Our fertility treatments have worked for so many of our clients and they just may work for you too.

There is no risk in coming in to meet with us. We know you want to give yourself the best possible chance to get pregnant. We think we can help.

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Saturday Clinic

For our cash-paying clients (those who do not use health insurance, for whatever reason, to cover the cost of their treatments), we offer the Saturday Clinic.

This is a community style clinic designed to see many people over the course of the day.

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